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3 Logic
copertina 3 Logic

This album was created, essentially, by Getsemani's desire to get involved in and experiment new stylistic and musical ideas. 3 Logic is the new album af Getsemani Sardegna conceived as a live session.

Il Carico
copertina Il Carico

The second album of the Getsemani recorded at the Sonica Studio in 2010

Getsemani - EP
copertina Getsemani - EP

The first disc made ​​by the band Getsemani in 2008

Top Ten

1Old JacketGetsemani - EP
2OraneGetsemani - EP
3Aras 24Il Carico
4BulamnskyIl Carico
5Ninna MaterIl Carico
6My theatre3 Logic
7When I together3 Logic
8Monnalisa3 Logic
9Planet3 Logic
10Good bye PaulIl Carico
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