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Il Carico

copertina Il CaricoClick to see more images
Publisher: Getsemani
Year: 2010
©Copyright: 2010 Getsemani

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Il Carico is the first album recorded by Gethsemane, self-released in 2010, recorded at the Sonica Studio, mixed at the Ninja Studio.
Play list
Il Carico Getsemani 00:04:12
Tony Getsemani 00:03:25
Ninna Mater Getsemani 00:04:07 Harmonic: Daniele Ledda.
Bulamnsky Getsemani 00:04:25
Sonos e contos Getsemani 00:03:12
Good bye Paul Getsemani 00:03:40
Aras 24 Getsemani 00:02:45
Lacanas Getsemani 00:06:22

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Rating: 9/10

Comments for this album

these guys rock..great music..you listen lots of times and never get bored

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