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Getsemani are a highly talented and acclaimed band that hails from Sardinia, an ancient place and crossroads of cultures and influences of the various populations who crossed the Mediterranean routes. The band is a close-knit and versatile trio that blends different modern sonorities and creates a unique sound that stands out instantly defining their multifaceted characteristics. Their repertoire spans many genres, sometimes with bold experimentations, always magnetically attracting the audience. The band offer freshness, originality and uniqueness. Thanks to these characteristics, Getsemani achieved recognition and collected numerous awards in the latest years in several musical contests and tours, which led them to perform on national and international stages. Passion and emotions naturally arise from their thrilling live concerts, exhibiting a perfect combination of their excellent technical talents and their ability to offer great performances on stage.

Only great musicians can do this.  

Get's Story - Getsemani's story begins in 2006 when the band is created from the union of guitarist Daniele Sanna and bassist Dario Masala, from Ozieri, with drummer Alberto Ferreri from Orani. The trio soon develops a new sound, consisting of a mixture of fusion and progressive rock, contaminated by different kinds of music, without a predominant genre. Their main feature is the absence of a vocal leader. Therefore, the artistic expression is originated by the creativity and geniality of the three band members and the ease with which they play difficult pieces creating an explosive mix of high-quality music.

In 2007 the band wins the regional competition "Sardinian rock contest" and then tours the most famous pubs in Turin, such as Stoner Clubs, Hiroshima Mon Amour and Centrodentro. In 2008 they win the National competition "Italian Wave Love Festival" representing Sardinia in the final contest in Livorno.

In 2009 Getsemani win the jury award in the regional competition "Barbagia Rock" and take part in the prestigious M.E.I. in the town of Faenza as a prize for winning the national competition "Sottosuoni. VoxDay". In the same year the trio enters the "Brinca" project started by the homonym cultural association with the aim of promoting the Sardinian music in Europe and performs in various cities such as Bologna, Turin, Venice, Rome and Berlin. In April 2009, the American label "Quickstar productions", chooses the song "Old jacket" (fromthe first album "Getsemani") to be included in the album "Rock 4 Life," available online all major music websites such as "iTunes", "Amazon" and to be broadcasted on many American and European radio programmes.

In 2010 Getsemani take part in the "Karel Music Expo" event, one of the biggest musical events of Sardinia, organized by VOX DAY, playing together with many celebrities on the European scene and perform in London at the French Cultural Institute, on the occasion of the European Day of music, and at the Italian Cultural Institute for a very enthusiastic audience. In the same year, the band participates in the regional musical festival "Ichnos", an event that brings together in a whole day, the best groups in the region. In December, they take part in a project sponsored by the television network VIDEOLINA, recording a live concert in their studios which has been broadcasted  on several occasions and available on  www.youtube.com/getsemanisardegna.

 In 2011 the band signs an agreement with Nova Sales and Distribution (UK) for the distribution of their music on both digital and physical support.

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