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Alberto Ferreri

Email: beto@getsemani.net

Alberto Ferreri’s “unauthorized” biography

 We thank the “non-author” Gigi Becciu for the preparation of these biographical notes on Alberto Ferreri, drummer of the Getsemani band.

Alberto was born in Nuoro in April 1978. Since a child, at the age of seven he takes piano lessons at the music school "Costantino Nivola" in his hometown Orani.

His passion for music is immediately revealed very strong and deeply rooted and leads him to continue his piano studies for five years under the guidance of the teachers Ignazio Pes and Corrado Congeddu. After a brief guitar period, our skilled pianist is dazzled by the irresistible charm of drums.

From that moment on, the studying of rhythms and times becomes exciting and vertiginous. Initially self-taught and then under the guidance of the great master Giampaolo Conchedda, Alberto refines his style and technique in a long and fruitful journey that leads him in 2004 to attend the prestigious school of "Drummer's Collective"  in New York, which is a true temple for drummers. Under the supervision of the masters Ian Froman, Pat Petrillo, Vince Cherico, Sandy Gennaro and Fred Klatz, Alberto perfects technique, styles, and everything related to the beloved instrument. His experience at the prestigious American school is repeated in 2008, which makes of Alberto a supremely versatile drummer, able to range among the various genres of music with passion and charisma.

Words are not enough to describe a musician. The best way to understand sacrifices, talent and skills is to listen. So, KEEP CALM and listen Getsemani!

Members of the band:

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