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Dario Masala

Email: dario@getsemani.net

Dario Masala’s biography

Dario Masala was born in June 1976. 

 He begins to play bass, self-taught, at the age of 18 after being struck by the Level42’s “Live Wembley” video. He continues his studies in Rome for several years, under the guidance of the master Moriconi. After several jazz and funk experiences, he starts the Getsemani band, together with guitarist Daniele Sanna, joined soon after by drummer Alberto Ferreri.

Dario’s favourite musicians are:  Billy Evans, Steve Harris Aallan Holdsworth, Vinnie Colaiuta and, especially, Mark King.

A Curiosity:

Dario is nicknamed “Silvan” (after a famous Italian illusionist) for his ability to "disappear into thin air", a name that has been given to him by “Tazzi”, “Kalaze” and a large group of citizens from Orani.

Members of the band:

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