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Daniele Sanna

Email: daniele@getsemani.net

Daniele Sanna’s biography

 Guitarist, Producer, Arranger and Sound engineer.


Daniele begins studying classical guitar at the age of 8 at the Cultural Association "Per Elisa” in his hometown Ozieri, with the maestro Roberto Masala, Professor of classical guitar at the conservatoire “Luigi Canepa” in Sassari. His studies continue until the age of 12 when he begins, self-taught, to study electric guitar.

From 16 to 20 years old Daniele plays guitar with the ethno - rock group “Sandalia” and participates, as a guitarist and author of the harmonies, in the recording of the group’s albums “Liberdade” and “Bardana”.

After playing in various musical groups, at the age of 20 Daniele enrolls in the course of modern guitar at the Music University in Rome, attending the two-year period under the guidance of the teachers M.Rosati, F. Ventura and A. Avena.

In 1998 he begins studying Home Recording on Cubase which still perfects and follows as a sound engineer, producer and arranger. At the same time, he also refines classical studies with Maestro Gino Mazzullo, Professor of classical guitar at the Conservatory “G. P. Da Palestrina” in Cagliari.

In 2002 he opens his first recording studio in Ozieri and produces the single CD and DVD  "Fiore de Atlanticu" of the ethno - rock group Sandalia.

Daniele continues to refine the instrument with various national and international internships including one with Steve Vai.

Since 2006 he plays with Getsemani, with whom he releases one EP, Getsemani and two albums, Il Carico and 3-Logic.

Members of the band:

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